Wishing all a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year from us all at Hasbeen Towers HQ

Winter news  

Now the SRS & OBTC 19 tickets are planning is well up and running , time to start planning 2019 releases 

We are looking at a live album from the recording taken from this years festivals 

A Classic Hasbeen ( best off) with un released material

and a new Capt Roswell studio album , so going to be busy during the winter months 


We would like to thank everybody who came and supported us at the Swan , we had a fantastic gig, brilliant venue & crowd  and a record 3 encores later they still wanted more .

Thanks to the band 

Martyn Hasbeen 

Keith Hill

Dave Hulatt

Dale Rowles 

John graves  

Richard Cockett 

Lots of changes in the Dr Hasbeen ranks 
We  brought in Chris Longman ex Metropolis singer for the Sonic Rock Solstice and Phoenix festival , SRS was rather raw with no prior rehearsals and a poor sound on stage which didn't help .  However Phoenix was a top gig , we brought in Dave Hulatt on additional guitar  The band was on fire superb performance all round.

Onto - Onboard the Craft festival 
Chris couldn't make it so Rich Morley ( Sister Sandwich ) stepped in on vocals and what a great job he did visually stunning in dressed as an astronaut , brilliant gig and great reception from the crowd , stunning night 

Band - Martyn Hasbeen - Rich Morley - Tony Jackson - Dave Hulatt - Keith Hill - Barry Mart  -John Graves

Capt Roswell & Lost alien tribe 
Again 2 excellent gigs SRS we just used programmed drums , thought it lacked alittle in depth, so for OBTC Keith Hill came in on additional drums, and it worked a treat 

Capt Roswell next gig last of 2018
The Swan @ Stone Staffs - 31st October 2018



Capt Roswell & lost Alien Tribe studio album 

10 new tracks 

available from our  HASTORE PAGE 


Sadness runs deep

It is with great sadness to annouce the loss of our dear friend Mark Pell ( Pelly ) who died suddenly in the early hours of Thursday night 4/12/08

Mark was a dear friend of mine and everyone in Dr Hasbeen who supported us through throughout , a good drinking buddy , a good man , a good father & husband he was and  we will miss him dearly , he helped put on the Hasfests ,and was chief Spacerider a bike group dedicated to the band , always involved in raising money for charities , he was always there for you when you needed help , rest in peace my dear friend , we will never forget you , all our love Doc /Izzy/Amy/Mike/Jake