Dr Hasbeen online

Psychedelic rock band


  • The (Doc) Martyn Hasbeen , vocals ,guitars, keyboards
  • Tony Jackson - guitar 
  • Keith Hill - Drums 
  • Richard Cockett  - Dance & mime 
  • Steve (Gold digger) Smith - vocals
  • Peter Rollings - Dance & Mime 
  • Darren Butler Drums   
  • Barry Mart - Synths 
  • Nigel Ward - Synths 
  • John Graves - Bass 


 Tony Jackson in action at SRS 2017



  • Rusty Bullethole , presumed shot missing in action
  • Richard Bradley , stand in drummer & one half of the Drum Empire




The Story So Far..... Way back in the Halcyon days of 1995 Martyn Hasbeen became qualified in Psychorocktronics by gaining a Masters in Space Therapy. Once his thesis had been completed on Hyperastrodiversity the now Dr Hasbeen ( I presumme) continued his research into the light hours of every night. Night and day soon merged until the peripherals were so intertwined that help was never going to appear. With innumerate amounts of coercing keyboard rhythyms and drum patterns soon became symbiotic life forms of their own and started to take over Hasbeen,s life. Other cohorts and colleagues who had previously progressed from the Psychotronics class, and those that were still at school, were preparing themselves for an almighty apocalypse. Daz Fletcher  and the Amazing Paul Boers were soon to link up with the now indoctrinated Hasbeen. Master of Philosophy Jake Billington soon joined our heroes on the long winding trek through the steep ascending and progressive limb of the space rock anticline. Windows of opportunity opened up and before we knew where we were there in front of us stood the magnificent sight of the spaceship Dr Hasbeen. Since the inaugural flight of the ship the crew have been regenerated in order for the ship to keep travelling, however, this does not mean that the ship has lost any of its' contained integrity. Hand picked crew members have become understudies with occasional re-recruitment of original and former members a like. All students in many disciplines of musical projection the crew have incresaed the size of the ship whilst ensuring the engine room is ever tighter and more efficient. Productivity of the crew has defined several despatch portals that have incurred a myriad of deployment pods to Planet Earth. Several Disks detailing the adventures over the many terrains encountered along the journey can be found. Prophetic Obscurities, Powered By Beer, The Alien Within and Signs are but a few of strange nomenclature that will inevitably be added to. These are floating around in space, but retrieval of the information can be achieved by contacting the ship from this website. A New Order is currently being inaugurated upon the ship. After spending the last couple of years as ensigns the new recruits from 2004 and 2005 - Craig 'Chadders' Needham and Rusty Bullethole -have achieved a level of competency that has seen them cement themselves into the current status of the band. Major Bullethole and Lieutenant Chadders are now assigned to the development of the ship. Under the ever close watching eye of the Doctor the ships supplies are full and is about to undertake a long awaited course change. This will increase the versatility of the ship and will inevitably lead the goodship Dr Hasbeen through many more years of ruuged terrain. Soon the descending limb of the anticlinal formation that is space rock music will soon be in front of us. Then it will spiral into synclinicity and soon we will be chugging along in the abyssal plain of funky space rock. Deformation is likely to occur upon a regional scale, with the heat and pressure of Barrovian facies, at which point we shall no longer be staring into the darkened precipice that holds the key to definition. The question of who are we will merely be an insignificance that will pale in the comparative to the mighty thrust that has now led us to sit on the cliff of life staring out into the sea of hope. Maybe all of the bosons, quarks, muons and positrons can then live in peace and harmony and evade mans decadence and apartheid of defining whether matter is dark or not and what happens to it and where does it come from? - put a criminal tag on it, that should solve the problem...


  • thanks to - Daz Fletcher - Lead guitar - Paul Boars - drums 
  • Phat Jason - bass -  Stuart Dilkes - drums - Matt Rowley - lead guitar - Jake Billington - bass
  • Bones - Bass - Pandora - Dance - Mary John - Lightshow- Richard B - drums
  • Catherine Baker - dance - Keil Kimmons - Guitar - Garf Vader- vocal

  • Many thanks to 

  • Harvey Bainbridge , Alan Davey , Huw Lloyd Langton , Danny Thompson , Nik Turner , Angelflame , Terry Ollis ,
  • Spaceman Dave , Ammo , Birdman , Judge Trev, Ron Tree, Dibs ,Neil& Marie , Mr Quimbys Beard ,
  • Assasins of silence, , Mel C , CD services , Arthur Brown , Clive Dr & Medics ,
  • Eddie & Hot rods , Northern Overload , Cosmic Rough Riders , time brothers, Steve swindells
  • Black widow , Groundhogs , Pelly RIP Norm ,Andy ,Rachel ,Sally , Litmus ,
  • and all those ( you know who you are) who have helped us in the past




Izzy (lelf)  Doc (middle) Rusty (right )

Dr Hasbeen Live from the Farm Skegness 2006

Hasfest 2006 - Birdman - Doc - Spaceman Dave  -Doc - Rusty